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Consultations & Check-Ups

Your initial consultation is always complimentary!

This is an opportunity to meet us, and ask any questions you may have about dentures!  Whether you’re a first time denture wearer or looking for a new replacement denture, we would love to tell you about your treatment options!  At this appointment we can give you an idea of the cost of dentures, the steps in treatment, and educate you on what to expect.

Check-Ups & Recalls

If you are an existing patient or new to our office, it is always a good idea to have regular check ups to make sure that your oral cavity and dentures are in good condition.   Patient who have had extractions, are contacted for follow up aftercare throughout the first year of denture wear.   Returning patients who has replacement dentures made are encouraged to visit our office every 2-3 years for a routine exam and checkup.

At that point in time we will:

Update any changes in your medical or dental history

Perform an examination of your oral cavity, assess the tissue & bone

Check the stability, bite, and integrity of the denture

Review your oral hygiene care

Answer any questions or concerns you may have

Why are check ups important?

When patients lose all of their natural teeth, their denturist becomes their primary oral health care provider.  Whether you are missing some or all of your natural teeth, it is important to have your oral cavity checked to make sure that everything is healthy and functioning properly.  We check for anything that may be causing the patient pain, discomfort, or any oral abnormalities.   We also make sure that your existing dentures are fitting and functioning the way that they should be.

Bone & Tissue Changes

Over the years, it is normal for there to be changes with the bone and underlying tissues in the mouth.  It’s important to assess the dentures periodically to make sure that as the mouth changes that the dentures continue to fit correctly.  If there is a significant amount of change, your dentures will likely require modifications (relines, rebases) or replacement.


If you have questions, or are in need of a consultation or check-up, call us today to book an appointment!