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Denture Hygiene & Cleaning

Care & Maintenance of Dentures

1. Take dentures out to clean them. Brush the surfaces of the dentures lightly with a denture brush and running water.

2. It is recommended that you use a denture cleanser and follow the specific directions for use.  

At our office we recommend a professional strength cleaner called Nudent.  It is available here for purchase.

How to use Nu-Dent (usually 2-3 times a week):

Soak your dentures in a basin of warm water with a half a cap (or teaspoon) of dissolved Nu- Dent.  Let dentures soak for approximately 20 minutes, then remove from solution and run them under warm water while brushing away any residue left on teeth.

Note: Nu-Dent is a professional- strength denture soak. When used properly, it helps prevent staining and plaque build-up on your denture. But remember that it is a strong cleanser, so it is typically not necessary to use it every day.  In some cases, where staining or build up occurs, increasing the frequency of using Nu- Dent can help.

How to use a commercially-available denture soak for example; Polident, Efferdent etc.

Use a commercially available denture cleanser on the days you don’t use Nu-Dent. If you choose not to use Nu-Dent, then this cleanser should be used every day. Cleaners are available in different strengths so you need to choose one that works for your cleaning regimen, but be aware that it is necessary that you follow manufacturer’s instructions.

Don’t use an overnight soak for 15 minutes or a 20-minute soak for several hours. Following instructions correctly will ensure efficient cleaning and avoid damage to your dentures.

1.Rinse off dentures in warm water and lightly brush away residue after soaking it in denture cleanser.

                                                 2. Some patients prefer a “minty taste” after cleaning their dentures. There are special denture toothpastes available in most drug stores that you can use for this. We caution patients against using regular toothpastes as they contain abrasives that will scratch the surfaces of dentures. This can cause your dentures to be more prone to stains, as well as plaque build-up.