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Repairs and Relines


Do you have a broken or damaged denture? We would be happy to take a look at it to see if we can repair it for you! Our knowledgeable denturists and on-site lab, usually allows us for time effective and same day repairs. 


These are performed when there has been a change to the underlying bone and tissues, causing the denture to become more mobile and negatively effecting the fit.  There are many different factors that can cause this to occur, such as;

Tooth Loss (Immediate or Post Immediate Dentures)
Weight Loss
Bone Loss (sudden or over a period of time)
Sickness or Change in Health

Initial Denture wearers, who have had dentures inserted the day of, or shortly after extractions, usually always require this procedure following the healing of their tissues.  We assess the patient one year following extractions to see if they are ready for their permanent reline.

Do you have existing dentures that are becoming loose, getting food caught underneath them, lose suction during function, or feel significantly different than when they were first inserted?  A reline, may be a solution for you.  The denturist will assess the existing bite position, acrylic base, and check the amount of wear on the teeth.  If these are all adequate, an impression is taken inside your existing denture so the tissue fitting surface can be replaced with new acrylic.  This procedure should benefit the stability, retention and overall fit of your denture.

Consultations are complimentary and the denturist would be happy to assess your existing denture to see if a reline would be beneficial!  Call for your appointment today!


This is a similar, but more in depth procedure than a reline. A rebase is usually performed when ALL acrylic needs to be replaced due to, a broken denture, weakened or old acrylic, or in some cases there has been significant changes in the mouth and a regular reline will not suffice.